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Liquid Cooled Heatsink

Cold Plate

Common air heatsink can reach a thermal resistance of 21..23 C/kW. Substantial improvement can be gained by using liquid-flowed cooling plates. Due to their good thermal conductivity copper or aluminum alloys are used as plate materials. To reduce thermal resistance even more the plates are designed as thin as possible and crossed by many channels.

Langteng’s custom cold plate options include active and passive cooling solutions. The required thermal performance will dictate the manufacturing method: press-fit copper tubes, epoxy joint, machined-path water blocks, aluminum vacuum-brazed and copper brazed types for various applications.


● Tubing: Copper or Stainless Steel

● Plate: Extruded Aluminum or Copper

● Epoxy: Aluminum filled high thermal conductivity



● Std Copper Tubing: 9.5 mm O.D. x 1.24 mm wall

● Plate thickness up to 25.4 mm

● Plate length up to 48 in

● Plate width up to 10 in



● Military / Aerospace

● Medical equipment

● Power electronics

● Lasers / Optics

● Renewable energy

● Transportation

Heat Pipe Heatsink

Today's modern electronics generate heat that often cannot be managed by traditional heatsinks and airflow . With its ability to transfer and dissipate heat, the heat pipe plays a crucial role in cooling many modern sensitive electronic systems.  Heat pipes offer extremely high thermal conductivity in their longitudinal directions. Depending on the lengths and manufacturing factors, the effective thermal conductivity of heat pipes can be 10 to 1000 times of the thermal conductivity of pure copper. When coupled with highly conductive fins or spreaders, heat pipes become a powerful tool that can quickly dissipate large quantities of heat to the environment or a location where additional cooling systems can be installed. Beside, heat pipe is also lighter in weight than solid copper.

Langteng offers a wide range of heat pipes. The path, length and width of heat pipes vary from application to application so most heat pipes are custom designed. We can integrate heat pipes with remote cool plates or heat sinks.

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