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Langteng has been a supplier of heat sinks to the electronics industry since its formation in 2000 and now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of heat sinks in the China. We are an industry leader in engineered thermal management heatsink solutions, we specialize in quick turn prototype and production runs of heatsinks in all shapes and sizes.


Langteng carries a wide array of products that range from smaller Board Level, BGA, DC/DC Converter, and LED light heatsinks up to larger, High Power, High Fin Density heatsinks in excess of 18wide. We manufactures both natural and forced convection heatsinks from our unrivaled extruding capabilities. For the occasional heatsink that is beyond current extruding limitations, we offer Skived Fin, Bonded Fin, Folded Fin designs.

Product Type

Air Cooled Heatsink

● Cold Forged Heatsink
● Extruded Heatsink
● Die Cast Heatsink
● Bonded / Swaged HeatsinkReady More

Liquid Cooled HeatSink

● Cold Plate
● Heat Pipe Heatsink Ready More
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