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Benefits of Die Cast Heatsink

2017-05-24 12:23:54|view:271

The Benefits of Die Cast Aluminum Heatsink 

Aluminum die cast heat sinks are electrically conductive, which means they can be electrically grounded – there’s no need to pay additional costs for copper plating, and heat sink parts are used for RF and EMI shielding. Die cast aluminum heat sinks are robust and can be molded with many features included to eliminate secondary operations such as machining and assembly to reduce costs.

Aluminum thermal heat sinks are specially designed to extract heat from components in electronic devices – and they’re designed in a way to need less machining than other processes such as extruded heat sinks or machined heat sinks. The cooling fin, mounting holes and mounting features can be manufactured simultaneously. Die cast heat sinks can be used as raw parts without any finish, or they can be anodized or powder coated for improved surface protection and corrosion resistance.

Besides the common “fin” design of heat sinks die casting can produce “pin fin” designs with greater density in a given area of the product. “Pin fin” features also offer the product designer greater latitude in orientation of the product in the final use – no matter which direction the product is oriented the heat will still flow properly through the “pin fins” thus extracting heat at the best rate possible.