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LED High Bay Light Heatsink

2017-05-10 15:32:07|view:555

LED High Bay Light

Because of the heat transmission capacity of aluminum extruded heatsink is limited, especially in high power LED high bay light, the fin closed to LED light source is hotter and the other end is cooler, the cooling effect is not very ideal, seriously affect the service life of the LED lamp.

Langteng adopts high efficiency cooling technology for LED high bay light, and has developd forged pin fin heatsink, and heat pipe heatsink instead of extruded aluminum heatsink. It can make the high power LED high bay loght radiation efficiency up to 30%-50%.

Dia 260mm Forged Heatsink for 150W UFO LED High Bay Light

Heat Pipe Heatsink for 50w-500w LED High Bay Light